Tenby Programme

Last Changed 30 July 2021

Saturday Walks August to October

AUGUST 7 Low tide 12.36Town Meet Battery Gardens1.Speedies   2.Steadies10.30 
AUG 14
High tide 10.54
 BEGELLY & Miner’s walk Park/meet behind Kilgetty Community Hall                    !!!X main road1.Speedies   2.Steadies10.30      381 9.45 Rtn 352 12.02 381 11.48,12.48
AUG 21
Low tide 12.30
Town Meet Battery Gardens1.Speedies   2.Steadies10.30 
AUG 28
High tide 10.31 Holiday w/e
New Hedges to Tenby Meet/park Village Hall  1.Speedies   2.Steadies10.15 approx381 Tenby 9.45 381S’Foot 10.00
Low tide 11.31 minibus list
Town Meet Battery Gardens1.Speedies   2.Steadies10.30 
SEPT 11 High tide 9.49Stackpole Court/Bosherston    1.Speedies   2.Steadies10.30 approxMinibus 9.45 Park Stackpole Court
SEPT 18 Low tide 11.32Town Meet Battery Gardens1.Speedies   2.Steadies10.30   
SEPT 25 High tide 9.24Proposed trip/walk At National Botanic Gardens Flyer/bookings late Aug1.Speedies 2.Steadies10.45 approx.Taf Valley 49 seater ??leave Tenby 9.30?
Low tide 10.08  
Town Meet Battery Gardens    1.Speedies   2.Steadies10.30     
High tide 8.47
Amroth   Meet/park car Park1.Speedies 2.Steadies10.15 approx  Minibus 9.45  
OCT 16  
Low tide 10.19  
Town Meet Battery Gardens1.Speedies   2. Steadies10.30     
OCT 23 High tide 8.24SAUNDERSFOOT Dramway & Colliery Meet/park outside Regency Hall1.Speedies   2.Steadies10.15    381 9.45  
OCT 30
Low tide 7.54
Town Meet Battery Gardens1.Speedies   2.Steadies10.30     

BOOKING: Is no longer required, but please carry out your Covid self-check before coming to a walk.        

TOWN WALKS : All town walks will begin in Battery Gardens.

Directions: From the War Memorial, straight across road to Trafalgar Road & on to its end.  Look  left across the road and you will see Paul standing at the gate of Battery Gardens. Less than 5 mins walk.

All members will be expected to comply with the terms of the Walker’s Agreement while attending a club walk.

How to Contact Tenby Steps2Health

Tenby : Barbara 01834 844845

(Tenby Minibus): Val 01834 843951 or Brian 01834 871550