Our Club

Steps2Health is a constituted, independent walking club that currently holds one Health Walk and one Nordic Walk each week. The Health Walks are in Tenby and the surrounding districts, with an occasional one further afield. Nordic Walks are held all over the county.

We aim to encourage walking as a social, healthy activity that almost everyone can enjoy. Our walks are led by trained, insured volunteer leaders. Walks are mostly around an hour with the occasional longer one up to two hours. Our walks are suitable for all abilities, no previous walking experience is necessary.

Membership of our club is open to individuals over 18 and costs £10 per year. If you walk once a week that’s 20p per walk. You become a member simply by joining a walk it is as easy as that.

Tenby Group on South Beach

Steps2Health is based in Tenby. We also have an active Nordic walking section with members across the county. More information about each group, our walks, and local contacts are available from the menu above.

Steps2Health Walking Club started as a Walking the Way to Health project in 2005 and became part of the Let’s Walk Cymru (LWC) initiative from 2007. We became an independent club in 2010.